Effective restoration of soil health requires a landscape approach and working with local farmers based on shared principles and values for a long-term vision.


That is why we have single and straightforward commitments to One Territory for each plant ingredients we use for making our products.

Our first Landscape Restoration Commitment is with Almonds from Regenerative Agriculture of the AlVelAl Territory in South-eastern Spain.

AlVelAl is an association run by dedicated farmers, livestock breeders, entrepreneurs, researchers among others to enlist, engage and empower people of a very much disadvantaged and degraded region of Spain to take control of their future. AlVelAl is providing much needed support to help its members in transitioning into regenerative farming practices and setting up new ventures and projects that add value to the revitalisation of their territory as well as generating sustainable employment for local people.

AlVelAl bases its efforts on the 4 Returns, 3 Zones, 20 Years model established by the Commonland Foundation. The AlVelAl territory covers about 1 million hectares of land and unites smaller regions with common historical and cultural roots such as the Altiplano de Granada, Los Vélez, the Alto Almanzora, Northwest of Murcia and Guadix. The name AlVelAl is an expression of the unitiy of people from these lanscapes for one mission: the large-scale regeneration of the territory.

Our relationship with AlVelAl is based on this shared commitment to the restoration of soil and landscape life using the 4 Returns principles. We created our almond butters with the goal to contribute to the mission of AlVelAl with a maximum positive and regenerative impact.


We only use rain-fed, regenerative-organic certified almonds produced by farmers of the territory. So every single scoop is directly helping to restore soils and revitalise the landscape life. We establish strong bonds with other members of the association as well as local people of the territory. We co-develop practical methods with other partners and projects of AlVelAl to engage more people in learning about regenerative agriculture and what is happening on the ground.



We are very proud to be one of the winners of the Ideas Fund in 2020. This financial support from AlVelAl Association is for new ventures and projects that aim to have a measurable, positive impact on the restoration efforts in the territory and  are based on the 4 Returns model.

What are the 4 Returns?

The conventional approach to food production from any landscape is the maximisation of one return, the financial one, or the profit per hectare. This way of thinking has led to massive degradation of soils, biodiversity, the loss of employment and hope in many parts of the world.


The 4 Returns approach, developed by the Commonland Foundation, aims to restore landscapes for the Return of Inspiration, for the Return of Social Capital, for the Return of Natural Capital and for the Return of Financial Capital. Actions based on this way of thinking have a much more holistic and long-term approach to realise the revitalisation of a landscape.



So from our perspective, Magosero does not merely source almonds from one territory, but our whole intent when creating almond butters is rooted in the 4-Return approach and in the aim to maximise our positive, regenerative impact on the AlVelAl Territory.



How Magosero contributes to Landscape Restoration of the AlVelAl Territory?

Return of Inspiration

We inspire our almond butter-lovers for a future where the food we enjoy is directly helping to regenerate soil and landscape life. Our plan is to organise tours to the Altiplano with AlVelAl farmers and the Regeneration Academy to showcase the best practices of regenerative agriculture. 

Social Capital

We contribute to the work of farmers, the local almond merchandising company and the local almond processor. We obtain our almonds from farmers we know personally.


Natural Capital

100% of the almonds we use to craft our butters come from regenerative orchards of AlVelAl farmers. Their work increases soil fertility by 17–25% every year. Our small but growing amount of almonds we buy has a direct impact on boosting carbon sequestration, water retention, soil fertility, biodiversity on the orchards and providing a fair compensation to farmers implementing regenerative farming practices.

Financial Capital

We aim to produce our products locally as much as possible and forge partnerships with local farmers, entrepreneurs and businesses. We work with an artisan food manufacturer close to the region. The making of our products boost their economic activities that have a positive impact on the AlVelAl Territory.


Watch this short film about the people and the territory of AlVelAl:

AlVelAl - A Real Story 
From the film "Head, Heart and Hands"