Our Story

When we can reconnect with that inner power in us, especially at times of difficulties, we feel there are no barriers really to go out and explore what good we can do.

This was the exact feeling our founder, Tamás, was having when quitting his disillusioned megacity life he jumped on a wild adventure to join the Re-Generation Festival at La Junquera!

At this almost entirely abandoned farmstead in South-eastern Spain, people of all ages, races and backgrounds come together for a festival to celebrate and „Re-Generate” soil, soul and community – life. They picked up the shovel to plant native trees in the mornings and by the nights they gathered around the camp fire to tell stories and share songs from their hearts.

Inspired by these moments, Tamás decided to stay and explore more of this rough landscape called the Spanish Altiplano. He wanted to see what else could be done to contribute to the task of Re-Generation!?

He learnt about the daunting challenges of soil erosion, desertification and the loss of biodiversity, the sense of community and meaning –  all faced with local farmers and the people of the territory.

He only had a seed of hope, trusting that in one way or another it's possible to make a meaningful work solving this mounting problem of degradation. He found help and partners among a community of local people who dedicated themselves to the regeneration of soil and landscape life.

It has become clear that intensive conventional farming and the ways we have been treating the land for the past decades are responsible for the current soil, water and climate crises. Nowhere this stark contrast of Degradation versus Regeneration is more obvious than on farmlands where almonds are cultivated. But if people were the problem, could they be the solution as well? Can regenerative farming practices turn the tide in the fight against the degradation of both soil and rural life?

A year after the Festival, inspired by the Regeneration efforts on the Spanish Altiplano, the first batch of a novel almond butter flavour was born right where it has all started: at the Junquera farmstead. In no time the jars went empty, and so the big grinding has begun...! 

How the story of Re-Generation will unfold ? ...depends on us! How we can act upon our inspirations!!

What does Re-Generation means to you? And what you’re going to do about it?