Born from the desire to grind an epic taste out of regenerative almonds...

Craft Almond Butters inspired by the Spanish Altiplano


We believe in taste & quality nutrition...

...with zero compromise.

What our customers say

Thanks to Magosero we have learned about the revolutionary concept of regenerative agriculture, which reaches much further than merely producing foods in a responsible sustainable manner. 

Karel Becvar, The Netherlands

The MAGOSERO Almond Butter is not just a delicious, nutrient-dense and healthy spread, it is a pioneer product that is showing to other agri-food stakeholders the future of our agri-food sector, paving the way to fast adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. A future where farming is not part of the problem but instead part of the solution for our current climate, water, and health crisis.

Francisco Telles Varela, Portugal/Germany

I have been an almond producer and manufacturer all my life and I can assure that Magosero is made with the best almonds in the world, grown with care in southeastern Spain. As an almond grower and regenerative farmer I can only thank Magosero and Tamas Turcsan for this initiative.

Manuel Barnés Tamayo, Spain